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In simple terms, athletes train to perform specific motions and actions at a competitive level. While an athlete may possess superior physical durability, strength and stamina, they are still susceptible to injuries. In fact, sporting and athletic careers often depend on devising effective ways of preventing injuries before they occur, as well as recovering as quickly and completely as possible when misfortune does strike. In both cases, Total Care Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine will help you maintain your body in top condition, so that you can remain competitive and even excel.

Taking the lead in recovery

When an accident occurs on the field, the physical therapist must be able to quickly recognize symptoms and take action to prevent further harm. Your PT will guide you through the recovery process to ensure an optimal rate of healing. Additionally, you’ll receive lifestyle advice to help you make healthier daily choices to speed your recovery and boost resilience against further injury.

Preventing injury and enhancing performance

Physical therapists specializing in sports medicine are primarily concerned with taking preventative measures against injury. PTs are experts at analyzing motion, and can pinpoint deficiencies in technique that may be putting undue stress on certain parts of the body. By developing exercises that address these deficiencies, athletes will not only avoid harming themselves, but will in many cases perform better on the field than they ever could have before. Total Care Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine will supplement the skills of the coach to help athletes achieve the greatest results with minimal collateral damage to their bodies.