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Joint Pain

Effective relief for joint pain in Hartford

“Arthritis” is an umbrella term for joint pain, which can be caused by any number of factors. In fact, there are more than 100 forms of arthritis, all of which can cause swelling, stiffness and pain. Living with decreased range of motion can hinder your overall mobility, making it harder to live a healthy and productive lifestyle. At Total Care Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, we are well versed in treating and reducing joint pain stemming from a wide variety of causes. Our skilled physical therapists will help you reclaim your quality of life from debilitating arthritis.

Treatment methods

As previously mentioned, there are many causes of arthritis, and nearly as many options for treatment are available. The most effective programs generally combine methods to complement the healing process. First and foremost, your physical therapist will help you understand how to use proper body mechanics to perform actions and move in a way that minimizes the aggravation to your joints. You may also practice a series of balancing and stabilizing exercises together towards this end. Weight loss, assistive devices, thermal treatments and anti inflammatory medications are all very common tools to help patients alleviate arthritis pain. Total Care Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is fully equipped to deliver the treatments you need for your neck, back or joint pain.

Pinpointing the source of your arthritis

Effective treatments for joint pain must necessarily be tailored to the specific type of arthritis. Your family doctor can help narrow down the cause of your pain through blood tests, imaging scans and physical examinations. While some diagnoses must be referred to a specialized medical doctor, a good physical therapist has methods and exercises that can dramatically reduce symptoms for most people. At Total Care Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, we will make sure to work closely with you so that we can fully understand your pain and design the perfect treatment plan for you.