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Slip and Fall Accidents

Physical therapy treatments for slip and fall accidents in Hartford

Slip and fall accidents are amongst the most common types of workplace related injuries. Technically speaking, such incidents are the result of breaking your foot’s secure contact with the ground. However, the greater concern involving these accidents is twofold: establishing whether or not negligence was a contributing factor, and getting treatment so employees can get back to making a living. Total Care Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine has the experience and equipment necessary to help you recover quickly, and we’re familiar with the legal process enough to help make it easier to get the justice you deserve.

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Many people may feel they are able to “tough it out” with the lingering aftereffects of a workplace injury. Returning to the job before you are fully healed is surefire way to exacerbate your pain and even cause further injury. Total Care Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine will help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible, using effective methods targeted to alleviate your specific injury. Boy during physiotherapy exercises

We’ll work with your attorney

You spend a significant portion of your time in your workplace. It is your employer’s responsibility to ensure that it is a safe place to work, and to take active measures to prevent injuries from befalling employees. Faulty equipment, unreasonable demands, cluttered and poorly designed space can all put you at greater risk of a life-changing accident. The courts will try to determine exactly where the fault lies, along with the severity of the damages. Soft tissue injuries don’t show up on X-Rays, so it’s vitally important to create a paper trail of documentation to present as evidence. Total Care Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine has experience working with attorneys, and your physical therapist will draft up the necessary documents detailing the care that was required for the injuries sustained.