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Welcome to Auto Accident Physical Therapist in Hartford

Injuries and illnesses can leave you with debilitating aftereffects that leave you less capable of performing your day-to-day tasks. Whether you have chronic back pain, arthritis or whiplash, Total Care Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine will use non-invasive yet thoroughly effective methods to speed up your recovery and prevent further injury. We have consistently been able to help our patients regain their lost quality of life, and we stand by our methods as viable alternatives to surgery and prescription drugs.

Effective relief for neck and back pain in Hartford

Living with an injury after an auto or sporting accident can make it very difficult to carry on with your daily routine. While the bulk of the initial trauma may have passed, your mobility and range of motion may be inhibited significantly due to bruising, swelling or tissue tears. In such cases, you'll benefit greatly from the help of a skilled physical therapist at Total Care Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine.

Decreased mobility will negatively impact your overall health

Besides alleviating pain, physical therapy will help you prevent a host of more serious problems from appearing later on. Being able to get regular, unhampered exercise will go a long way towards bolstering your body's resilience against pulmonary and cardiovascular disease, and helps diabetics regulate their blood sugar. Additionally, your balance and coordination can be dramatically impacted by even minor reductions in mobility.

Don't put off your back or neck pain appointment!

The worst thing you can do is to put off making an appointment with your physical therapist. The misconception that your body is perfectly capable of fully healing all wounds on its own given enough time is unfortunately more common than it should be. While your pain may indeed subside, you may find your mobility and range of motion are not nearly what they used to be. Your physical therapist will guide you through a series of exercises that allow you to regain what you've lost, and recover more quickly and fully from traumatic injuries.

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